Setting & Smashing Your Goals Made Easy - The Workbook

  • Did you promise yourself 2020 was the year you would finally follow your dreams?

    Have a goal in mind and don't know where to start?

    Need a guide to help you through your planning process?



    I designed this workbook as a practical guide to help anyone follow their dreams. This 25-page workbook is broken down into a six (6) step process:

    1. You start by making a commitment to yourself to see this process through

    2. Identify your goals with my Goal Setting Worksheet

    3. Create your vision board

    4. Identify the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals

    5. Execute your goals, set due dates, monitor your progress and hold yourself accountable

    6. Mid-Year Review


    I guarantee if you follow the steps in the workbook consistently, you will accomplish your goal(s) for 2020.


    Download TODAY!!!