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Change... Can Be Scary

Yes... The rumors are true!!! I've relocated to the A!!! The reasons why... the streets have come up with some real crazy ones this time. LOL! But here’s the real deal.... 

For years I dreamed of moving to Atlanta.  That dream started as far back as high school when looking at colleges and resurfaced in 2010. Fast forward to Summer 2016… after visiting for an event, the decision was made!!!! I kept it to myself and a few close friends and actively planned this move for 365 days. I had a year… a year to close all chapters correctly. A year to finally make this dream a reality.

Well…. We all know what they say about the best laid plans. SETBACKS! Yes… setbacks happen but it’s how we react to those set backs that determine how we overcome them.  I lost sight of that amidst the many setbacks that occurred resulting in my move not taking place over the summer as originally planned. When all my plans started to fall apart… I sat as time began to quickly sneak by. I finally had to say "F" it... and PUSHED! Push myself into taking a leap of faith! And so I did! And I truly have NO REGRETS!

I was ready for the move, but I wasn’t ready for the emotions that came along with it. Atlanta appealed to me primarily because of the lower cost of living. I looked at my life now and where I wanted to be in the next 10yrs and how I plan on getting there. I want a better quality of life. I want to leave something behind for my son. I want to continue my journey of being an entrepreneur! I want to be a MILLIONAIRE! A much lower cost of living would allow me to reach my goals much quicker. 

When I arrived, I was overcome with emotions… much to my surprised.  I was filled with self-doubt and questioned my decision… so much so I gave myself anxiety.  It wasn’t until I returned to Maryland for Thanksgiving that I knew… the moment I landed back in Atlanta and saw Ludacris on the jumbotron with his arms opened wide with the words “WELCOME TO ATLANTA” written across the screen, that I smiled to myself and said… I’M HOME! I LOVE it here... and I can't wait to see what this new chapter of my life brings!!!

Let the adventures begin!!!

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