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Emotions... How to Cope When They Take Over

I’m a Cancer so I’m emotional by nature. I often struggle with allowing my emotions to take over my whole word. Meaning… when I’m going through something, my way of dealing with it is to completely shut down. Not necessarily the best way… but I realize since I was a child, my “shell” is my safety zone and when everything seems to be going wrong… my “shell” is where I find comfort.

The downside to being this way is it gives you nothing but time to be in your head. And your thoughts can become destructive after a while. You start revisiting the past, beating yourself up about things you could have done differently. You throw the best pity parties for yourself and self-doubt is the uninvited guest. You now question everything you thought you wanted and before you know it you’re stuck in this unfortunate space… that really only exists in your head.

I’ve learned the best way to handle when your emotions take over is with ACTION!!! Action is the enemy of doubt. Make it your goal to simply have a PRODUCTIVE DAY! Meaning you did something… anything… that needed to be done. Could be something as simple going to a movie. Reconnecting with friends. Going for long walks alone. Write your feelings down in a journal and leave them right there on the page. Tell yourself every day… today is going to be a good day. Forgive yourself for the past and work on creating a future you’ll be proud of.

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