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Social Media... I Became an Addict

I’m on all social media platforms but if I had to measure my engagement… I would say I’m on the lower scale of those who post. I sometimes struggle to make one post a day on Instagram, and unless it’s something motivational… I really don’t have much to post on Facebook… If I don’t go out I have no pictures of me. And forget Snapchat… my life is too boring and I’m not that narcissistic (no shade).

But suddenly I found myself spending more time on these platforms. I noticed I would go from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and repeat. Then one day… from 7am to 10am I sat on my phone. Three whole hours… going from one social media platform to the other. HOW??? For an entrepreneur… that’s time that could have been spent generating money. Then I noticed, my productivity level started going down. Time I should have spent working on my boutique or my brand... I spent glued to my cell phone. I needed an intervention so I staged one on myself.

I decided to do a social media cleanse. Sounds crazy right?? I challenged myself to stay off social media for a week. Then that week lead to two weeks. I took that time to work on my 2018 goals… writing them down in great detail. I completed my vision board. I worked on my next empowerment brunch. I forced myself to become productive again.

Time is something we can’t get back. I allowed myself to be sucked into the social media black hole that consumes so many… and I can admit it began to consume me too! If you find yourself in the same position… delete the apps from your phone for a week and see how much get done!!

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