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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

First… let me say I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I highlighted and underlined my way through chapter after chapter as the excitement of reading a good book returned!! I’m so use to having everything at my fingertips (#TeamIphone) reading, which was one of my passions, had fallen to the waste side.

I followed my gut instinct into the bookstore one day and asked a friend, who I was on the phone with a the time, what’s a book that’s been making waves. He told me “Mastering the Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I told him say no more… Sounds like my kinda book!!!

I have a very curious mind which has lead to me teaching myself everything from putting furniture together from Ikea to developing websites. I have a strong passion for learning!!! This stage of my life has been dedicated to self improvement. Anything I can read that helps me to not only understand myself better but people on a whole… I’m all for it. This book did just that!!!

The book addressed something I’ve questioned and struggled with for the past two years.  Does everything come with a sacrifice? My growth over the past few years has come with some losses making my victories somewhat bitter sweet. Well, according to the author… EVERYTHING comes with a sacrifice.  For everything you want, there’s a down side to it.  If you enter every action knowing the downside that comes with it… you can prepare yourself for the downside.  For example… in order to get that promotion at work, you need a degree. You must go back to school.  That means giving up a lot including your time to make it happen. School is the sacrifice to get that promotion you deserve. If the outcome is worth it… the sacrifice won’t seem that bad… because you mentally are prepared for those late nights of homework.

This book helped to remind me that nothing is as bad as it seems. Preparation is key! I now know that everything comes with a price! Now I will prepare myself for those sacrifices!

I’m sharing as I’m learning!

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