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Welcome to My New Home...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LORD!!! I'm blogging again!!! I've promised for years to get back to blogging and I'm finally back at one of my passions... writing! I started this blog years ago and in true Ida fashion... I lost interest and in the process lost the URL as well. When I tried to repurchase... they wanted $1000!! So I gave it up. Last year when planning my Women's Empowerment Brunch the URL was available for the regular annual price and the rebirth of the site happened. But it's sat idle for the past year...

After putting this on my list of 2018 goals, I'm proud to finally launch!!!! I've decided to turn this into a place where I can post my inspirational/motivational posts I normally post on Facebook. I love to read so look out for book reviews every couple months. I want this to also be a lifestyle brand so I will talk about health & beauty, fashion, travel and so much more. For reasons I can never quite understand... people are interested in my life. LOL! Looks strange even typing this. So I'm going to share more personal stuff on this blog. I'm still a private person but I don't mind showing my scars so that others can heal!

I decided to take my motivational posts from Facebook to this platform for one reason. While the 100+ likes are great... that is what Mark uses to sell ads to not only me but major corporations. Meaning... he makes money off my posts aka "impressions" or likes. So I'm bringing my words to a place that I own... and once it grows I will be the one to benefit... no one else ;) I'll use those platforms to advertise!!

While platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great to build a following, what happens if either one decides to cancel your account? What are you left with?? If you give them the power to feed you... you give them the power to starve you, so I'm claiming my power!!!

Welcome.... and for those who use to read my blog faithfully.... welcome back!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally get this off the ground. Let's go!!!!

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