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The Book That's Been Judged By its Cover

If I had a dollar for every time someone has in-boxed me or commented under my post saying I’m nothing like what they heard about me... I’d be rich! It’s sounds funny... but I’m dead serious.

At first, I use to find it insulting and would wonder, damn... what’s being said about me to make people dislike/judge me simply based off what they've heard. How could you form an opinion about someone without ever speaking with that person a day in your life??? How Sway? How?

Years ago I made the decision to stop listening to or reading anything negative about me. I decided what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me! In doing so, I realized now how important it is to protect your mind from the negativity of others. If you're not in a strong place mentally or emotionally, you can start to absorb that energy. You start to feel down because you know the things being said aren't true. Or, it could be true and it adds another layer to the suffering you're already going through.

There are some people out there will delight in rejoicing at people's downfall! Social media has allowed those same people to anonymously tear down others. If the day comes when you find yourself the topic of conversation... remember me! The book who has always been judged by its cover. But I've NEVER allowed that to stop my growth. I know I'm not perfect and will never fake perfection. My words.... my encouragement... my upliftment... comes from those moments that everyone gossiped about.

So when I say IGNORE THE MISERABLE I mean it. You owe no one any explanation for what happens in your life. But most importantly.... never judge what you see someone else going through. When you do so, you increase the chances of those tables turning!!

Be Good to Yourself!!!

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