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Letting Go... Why is it so hard?

Letting Go... two simple words, yet it's one of the hardest battles that we face as humans... especially females. 

But this goes past relationships.... to friendships, jobs, the past, places, things... you name it. At some point in our lives, we form an attachment to whatever it is that we are now having a hard time letting go of. This attachment came along at a point in your life where you needed it, but what happens when that attachment no longer serves you? What if it’s now hurting you? What happens when that attachment begins to destroy all that you've built? What happens when that attachment begins to destroy you? Yet for some ungodly reason, you still can't seem to let go.

Yesterday morning I watched Will Smith's Instastory and he said something that really resonated! He said self-discipline is the highest form of self-love and "the road to sustained happiness is disciplining your behavior". He went on to explain this means being honest enough with yourself to say "hey... you wanna lose weight... put the burger down and get a salad" or "hey sis... he doesn't love you... let it go" or "babe... you're wrong... admit it, apologize and move on!" True self-love starts with being honest with yourself! 

I would be a liar if I said this isn't something I struggle with as well... still do to this day! But here's how I've started to approach it which has made letting go a little easier: the best way of letting go starts with having an honest conversation in the mirror!!!! In mirror because it’s hard not to see the truth when you’re staring at yourself. TELL YOURSELF... "sis... you deserve better than what you're holding on to".  BETTER is out there... be it a new job with better pay and benefits, a better way of living free from the negativity of "friends" or peace of mind after leaving a toxic relationship (which includes family). 

Letting go is simply telling yourself... IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON! And then you STOP! But it doesn't happen overnight. Each day will get easier... it's almost as if you have to retrain yourself. Will you be tempted to hold on or go back to what you know? Of course!!! But if you trust GOD's timing... you'll find comfort in knowing better is in store!

I'm sharing this as I've been walking this same journey. I've had to retrain the way I view myself... the things I'm willing to accept, the things I am not. I've found a lot of peace in self-reflection and taking accountability for my actions! It's definitely not an overnight process... but it's a start of a new way of being. Let today be the day you encourage yourself to begin to move away from what is causing you the most pain!

As always... Be good to yourself! ♥️

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