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Girl Talk... something we all need!

Recently I had the opportunity to meet two females through a mutual friend. One, ten years younger than me, was the best friend of a mutual friend. The other, ten years older than me, was the coworker and "adopted" mom of the best friend. We talked for HOURS!!! None of us met or knew of each other before that moment, yet we sat and talked about life, our upbringings, the men in our lives, our hopes and dreams. I learned so much from them both and was able to share some valuable life lessons. We ate, we drink, we laughed, we cried. I had the best time and truly amazed at how easy it was to talk to these women.

I realized that we as females NEED a tribe. We need other women to help inspire us, motivate us and encourage in times of struggle. Non judgemental women who can either relate to or learn from. Someone who understands!!!! One thing I've learned on my journey of growth, it really helps to hear you're not alone.

Funny thing is, prior to meeting these ladies, a voice has been nagging me to start a women's empowerment community on Facebook. A group page where females from all over can come together, share our stories, be inspired by the stories of others, celebrate our victories and grow together. This thought kept nagging at me for over a week. After meeting these ladies, I realize that God put me in that position for a reason and it was to inspire me to create this community on Facebook. So I did...

The name of the Facebook Group is POSITIVELY INSPIRED: Girl Talk & Empowerment. I want this to be a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! No being messy... no screenshots or discussions of what's posted in this group. Everyone's opinion will be respected! Absolutely no negativity will be tolerated. This will be a place for us to share, learn and grow.

If this sounds like a home for you... CLICK HERE to Join Now!

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