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Admitting When You're WRONG!

Recently, I screwed up big time!!! Yes... I can admit - I made a big mistake. My actions hurt someone I truly care about and for that I feel HORRIBLE!! I was trying to do the right thing and it all blew up in my face! But not only did I own it.... I APOLOGIZED for my actions!!! Not because it was the right thing to do, but because I WAS WRONG and I am humble enough to admit it. No excuses... no placing blame on others... I fucked up! In hindsight, I could have handled the situation differently... but I didn't... so I own it!

People make mistakes!!! We've ALL been in situations we wish we would have handled differently. We often are unaware of how our actions can affect others especially when it was never really our intent to do so. When those instances happen.... I've learned that once you've realized you were wrong or when someone tells you how your actions have hurt them, the best thing to do is to simply apologize. No excuses, no playing victim, no blaming that person or other people! You can't use someone else's actions to justify your own. What you can do is explain your side and take FULL responsibility for your actions. You may be forgiven.... you may not... and that's ok! At least you can walk away with your dignity intact!!

Many realize their wrongs and shrug it off out of pride or ego and say "oh well" or find ways to justify what they did. Taking responsibility of how they made someone else feel is almost impossible for some to do. Pride and ego have been the death of many friendships/relationships as many people go through life justifying the things they do just so they won't have to admit they were wrong. We ALL make mistakes and it takes a lot of humility to admit you're wrong... it says a lot about your character when you do!

So if the day comes and you realized "DAMN - I was wrong" - be man/woman enough to admit it to yourself and to that person. Sometimes a genuine/heartfelt apology can change everything.You can't change what happened, but you can learn from these experiences and GROW!

Be good to yourselves and each other!

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