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Meditation?? It's worth a try!

If you're anything like me... your mind runs on an engine of its own separate from the rest of your body. You could be dog tired and can't fall asleep because your mind keeps racing. And as soon as you wake up, the thoughts coming flooding back as if they were just waiting for you to get up! I've been meaning to try meditation for years. I've talked to several people about it but for some reason I've never followed through... until about a month ago. I decided to try what is known as Guided Meditation... on Youtube. Yes Youtube! There are hundreds of thousands of videos of individuals guiding you into a meditative state. I must admit it wasn't hard to do at first... but it's been hard to maintain.

The first time I tried, I immediately felt different after. It was as if being in such a relaxed state allowed me to get up feeling free, refreshed and ready to take over the world. I even noticed a difference in my prayers if I do 15-20 minutes of meditation before I pray. Now... there have been times where my mind wanders off in the middle of meditating... well it actually happens a lot! LOL! But I believe the more I consistently meditate, the better I will get at stopping the wheels of my mind from turning.

It's important to find ways to maintain your balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Meditation is working for me. It may work for you... it may not. But if your thoughts are keeping you up at night or waking you up in the morning, it's time to take control! The more you hear your voice, the less you hear God's voice.

Your mental wellbeing should always be your priority. Making sure you're in a good space allows a good flow in your life. So it could be meditation, it could be exercising or a simple walk in the park every other day. It could be prayer and fasting or going to be the beach every week (if you live near one). Whatever you need to do to find your zen... DO IT and do it consistantly!!! You'll see how much better you feel!!

Be good to yourself!

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