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Taking the L from Your Loss and Turn it into a Lesson!

For a long time, I would beat myself up about my “mistakes.” What should have been... what could have been... what is verses what I wanted it to be. Honestly... I did this for years and looking back I wasted so much time, time that I now am determined to no longer waste. And here’s why...EVERYTHING and I do mean everything “bad” that happens... there’s a lesson in it specifically tailored for YOU! For all of us. But only YOU can figure out what that lesson is. No matter the situation... there’s a take away from it that will change your life... if you’re open to receiving it.

A few weeks ago, I had my annual all white party and it didn’t go as well as I had envisioned. Was I upset... absolutely not. In 18yrs, I’ve had more wins than losses... and a pretty good winning streak. Plus, having an event is a gamble... doing it outdoors is an even bigger gamble. I knew this once I decide to switch gears. So even though the event could have done better, I didn’t look at it as a loss but more as lessons learned. Everyone around me assured me it wouldn’t rain but my fear of what happened in 2015 (when it actually did rain) plus the advice of the venue owner... I decided to postpone... a decision that eventually affected the outcome of the event. My decision to postpone was off because it didn’t rain... but had I not experience this, I would have learned that type of decision is a bad one. My mistake... or my lesson to learn? It’s a glass half empty/type full situation and I choose to look at it as half full. What I learned by experience is far more valuable than what anyone could have shown me. I took all the other lessons learned (and there were plenty with this event) and I’m fueled up for 2019... Lesson vs Loss!

There’s ALWAYS something to gain by the mistakes we’ve made. So, here’s my challenge to you today: take a look at recent disappointment or mistake you feel you’ve made. Now that you’ve had time to lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself, exam it for what it is and look at what could have been done differently. Take some accountability and then ask yourself these important questions: What have I learned from this entire experience so that it won’t happen again? What is God trying to show me? Ok... that didn’t work... so how can I try again without making that same mistake? Tell yourself THERE IS SOMETHING in there for you to take with you and exam it for what it is. It doesn’t have to be the end... just a set up for a comeback. Remember... it’s only a loss if you stay down!

Most of life’s lessons can’t be taught... they have to be experienced. If you can start looking at the things that happen more as a lesson and less as a loss... you will move forward quicker. So much time gets wasted on wishing things had gone differently... trust me I know. But LIFE IS SHORT! You either spend days, months or years beating yourself, or you take your LOSS and turn it into a LESSON!

I hope this helps! YOU GOT THIS!!! Just keep going!

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